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Athens-Clarke County Animal Services is placing dogs and cats in foster homes for the July 4 holiday long weekend. Information is available on the Athens-Clarke County Government website.

On the Athens-Clarke Co government website…

Steps to fostering an animal from the Athens-Clarke County Adoption Center

  • Fill out our hosting request (button at the bottom)
  • The Georgia Department of Agriculture also requires a home verification, so all interested foster homes must also submit a short video of their home. This should be a short visit that shows where the foster animal will be housed. Please start outside with the house or apartment number listed.
  • Once we receive the host family application and home video, we will schedule an appointment for host family pick-up.
  • All homestays must be scheduled in advance.
  • Anyone with resident dogs or children will need to bring them to the meet so we can have a meet and make sure it’s a good match for everyone.
  • Provide an idea of ​​what the house is like (low/high energy, active/quiet) and what you want to do with the dog (hiking/running/short walks, Netflix and chill, outings). All of this information helps us find a good match.

couch breakers

Couch Crashers is a collaborative program to engage our community in fostering and giving the pets at our adoption center a much needed break from kennel life for the weekend. All pets must be rabies vaccinated and neutered (if age appropriate) and out of their stray holding period in order to be eligible for foster care.

* Please note that we do not generally send small dogs for Couch Crashers, as they are our most adoptable pets and generally do not require foster care.

Favor the fourth

  • Pickups for Animal Services’ Foster Over the Fourth Couch Crashers promotional event are Thursday, June 30 and Friday, July 1.
  • Returns are on Tuesday July 5 and Wednesday July 6.
  • All supplies are provided to you by Animal Services.
  • Applications will be accepted from Monday, June 20

Program details

  • All Homestay pick ups and drop offs are by appointment only.
  • All pets must stay in the house during the closing holidays, as the adoption center is CLOSED.
  • All people and dogs living in the household are required to come to the appointment to ensure a good match.
  • ACC Animal Services provides all foster families with a crate/carrier, food, bowls, toys, leash and collar.

How to participate

Submit a foster application that includes a short personal video of where the pet will be housed.


Abigail Sawyer, Volunteer Coordinator [email protected] 706-613-3540 ext. 7786

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