Abortion Advocates Protest Indiana’s Proposed Ban Ahead of Special Session

HIGHLAND, Ind. – Attendees at the rally in Indiana demonstrated against the state’s proposed restrictions on abortion on the eve of a special session that will bring lawmakers together to debate the issue.

Held at Wicker Park in Highland, Indiana, rallies protested a state law that could lay bare a potential ban on most abortions. Noah Thomas and Katelin Sears are the protest organizers.

“I unfortunately think they’re going to pass this terrible law,” Thomas said.

Sears added: “This is the generation where we speak and this is the generation where I hope we can cheer.”

On Monday morning, when the Indiana Legislature returns to the Statehouse for a special session, lawmakers will consider a Republican-proposed bill that would ban most abortions, with promises to increase spending to help pregnant women , young children and adoptions.

“What I would like to see is for abortion to be legal. It shouldn’t be taken away,” Sears said. “It’s a right that every woman should be able to have.”

The bill that falls on the heels of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, which would ban all abortions unless the pregnancy caused a “permanent substantial impairment” of the mother or resulted from rape or an incest.

“Millions of people have had their reproductive rights taken away by the Supreme Court, which is simply unacceptable,” Thomas said.

Ultimately, Thomas says he thinks the bill will pass but says he’ll be protesting non-stop in the hope that Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit with Indiana lawmakers on Monday will make a difference. .

“I would really like her to change some of the minds of our Republican legislators,” Thomas said. “I think tomorrow she can.”

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