Abortion rights advocates rally in Blacksburg after Roe’s reversal against Wade

BLACKSBURG, Va. (WFXR) — Dozens of people took to the streets of downtown Blacksburg on Monday to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court.

Organizers of the event say their goal is to make their voices heard while expressing their spirits in a peaceful and productive way.

“Our voices will not be silenced. With power and passion, we will make it clear to those in power that we refuse to tolerate the overthrow of our rights,” rally organizer Kacie Roller said through a megaphone.

According to the protesters, women’s rights are now being lost in America, so it is important that community members understand what this means.

“We understand that without freedom of choice, many lives will be devalued and put at risk,” Roller said.

However, many anti-abortion organizations do not believe this to be true.

“No woman should ever feel, as I and many other women have, no woman should ever feel that the only option she has is to have an abortion. That’s all just not pro-women at all,” said Olivia Gans Turner, president of the Virginia Society for Human Life and director of American Victims of Abortion.

According to Turner, the Supreme Court decision gives women more options, adding that it is important to understand that women become pregnant in all kinds of situations, so they should be assured that there are different ways to cope. .

For example, Turner says Virginia has more than 40 Pregnancy Resource Centers that provide women with free services, such as medical care, legal counseling, housing, educational opportunities, placement, and custody. of children.

She also wants to see Richmond lawmakers draft a bill where taxpayers’ money will be used to provide expanded access to health services, especially for women.

“For example, legislation like assistance with perinatal palliative care programs, which is a new area of ​​medicine in which many families are faced with the diagnosis that a baby may not be able to live outside the home. ‘womb,” Turner said. “We have to teach them that. They need the Ministry of Health to make this information available through websites and funding.

Meanwhile, those who gathered in Blacksburg on Monday June 27 say they fear their rights will continue to be taken away.

“We have aspirations, we have stories, we have purpose and we deserve decent human rights,” one protester said.

Another protester, Maddie Price, told WFXR News that she came to Monday’s rally because she didn’t want other women to lose their rights because of the Supreme Court ruling.

“I’m here not just for the women, but just to support every single person in the world with a womb,” Price said.

Price encourages people to stand up for their rights, protest, sign a petition, speak to lawmakers and speak out.

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