Animal advocates call on the public to sterilize their animals

BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — It’s spring, which means it’s also puppy and kitten season.

According to the Humane Society, puppies and kittens are born at a rate of ten to one over human babies.

This can push local animal shelters to the limit and leave them with a serious decision whether to find a shelter or euthanize them.

Michelle Cole is a Mercer County animal advocate and owns a pet transportation service. She said it’s important to get your pets fixed.

“I’ve partnered with Second Chance for Cats in our community to help reach as many people as possible so we can provide these low-cost spaying services to our community,” Cole said.

About 43% of animal shelters in the Mountain State are listed as no-kill shelters. And the Mercer County Animal Shelter is one of them.

Mercer County Animal Shelter Director Stacey Harmon said there are three benefits to spaying or neutering your pets.

“The first thing is that they don’t wander away from home and get lost. Second, it helps prevent many cancers, such as breast cancer and testicular cancer. And the third and most important is that they don’t breed and overfill the shelters,” Harmon said.

Cole said she started her business because of the lack of sterilization services in the area. It includes neutering or neutering, pain injection and rabies vaccination.

Cole said she needed the public to be aware.

“We need the public’s help to do the right thing and enjoy this service. Spay and neuter your pets so we don’t have unwanted puppies and kittens that have to enter our animal shelters or have a local rescue group take them into our program,” Cole said.

To learn more about Cole’s organization, visit their website.

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