Animal cruelty suspect returns to court on July 29 | Morgan hill times



Ava Geddes, who is accused of animal abuse at Morgan Hill, will return to court later this month in an ongoing effort to resolve the case before a jury trial is required.

Geddes appeared in court in San Jose on July 8. Santa Clara County Supervisory Assistant District Attorney Vishal Bathija said prosecutors and attorneys in Geddes discussed the case behind closed doors, but were unable to reach a plea deal.

Geddes, who is charged with two counts of animal cruelty and an offense of neglect of animals, is due in court on July 29.

“We will ask the court to organize a preliminary hearing in case Ms Geddes does not want to take responsibility for her crimes,” Bathija said.

In criminal proceedings, a preliminary hearing is during which prosecutors from the prosecutor’s office present evidence to convince a judge that a case should go to trial.

Geddes was arrested by Morgan Hill Police in June 2020 after an investigation found numerous dead cats and other neglected felines at her home, authorities said. She is charged with two counts of animal cruelty and the tort of neglect of animals.

Investigators have found at least nine cats dead at Geddes’ home – in various states of decay – and seven cats alive, according to court records.

Since March 4, Geddes has been sentenced to house arrest with GPS monitoring as the case progresses through the court system.

Geddes is known locally for her volunteer animal rescue efforts in South County. His lawyer, Josh Jachimowicz, previously said Geddes had been “overwhelmed” by his rescue efforts.


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