Animal rights organizations hold a rally at Jantar Mantar to protest cruelty to dogs

More than 40 animal rights organizations took part in a rally at Jantar Mantar here on Saturday against incidents of cruelty to dogs across the country.

The rally was organized by People for Animals (PFA). It saw the participation of hundreds of people from Delhi and the National Capital Region, the PFA said.

Animal welfare must become a strong and trusting community. I am happy that so many people have come here today to show the power of compassion,’ said PFA founder and MP Maneka Gandhi.

She said the country must fight human greed, cruelty, neglect, apathy, ignorance and intolerance.

”There has never been a time when the animals needed us more. Arm yourself with courage, knowledge, compassion and common sense. The law protects animals,” she added.

Actor Sonam Kapoor sent a message of support, calling on Indians to adopt independent dogs.

Kapoor said: “Dogs have always been a part of our homes and our hearts. How can we show them hate and hostility when they only give us love and loyalty?” Actor Divya Seth also shared a message of support.

“Every family and every child deserves a dog because they are the most loving companions,” she said.

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