Cantaloupe and Melon Felon


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Kat is a charming domestic tabby that is 1year old with a cat who has a short, curly hair. Kat is very affectionate and will cuddle your loved ones for showing her affection. As soon as she arrived, with her kittens to CAPS and the entire family members required medical attention. Thanks to our exceptional medical treatment, the entire family is healthy, strong, and very ready for a wonderful home. Go visit her. She is adorable.

After an absence of just an entire year CAPSMurder MysteryTheater returns to the stage of social interaction. Be prepared to be entertained and enthralled. The play this year , written by Christopher W.Daniels, it takes place in our personal cantaloupe celebration. Christopher provides new meaning to “melondrame” (pun).

If you’ve played the Clue game in the past, this is an exact version. That based on clues provided during the game, players collaborate with their dining companions to determine who had ith unknown substancecommitted the melon-related crime.

We’ve got a collection of the top local artists to delight and amaze the audience. What’s more exciting than discovering who invented it? There’s no requirement to be “melancholy” The show is an opportunity to find out the truth about the mystery of crimes.

Who will win the most beautiful and delicious melons? Who is capable of making a fool out of their own melons by filled up with an unknown substances? Is there an aforementioned “melondy” that only melons can react towards?

Begin to look for gifts for the holiday period. This silent auction is packed with amazing items. There’s something that will please every person. The money raised will go to the Fallon’s Deathless Refuge.

Come join us on the 23rd of October at the FallonConventionCenter for a fun evening of drinks and entertainment, as well as food and drinks and the auction.. Doors open at 5p.m. and the evening will start with an estimated start time of 6p.m. The dinner will be served in the interval. It will also include an open bar with cash that will provide drinks like beer, soda along with wine. Tickets cost 50USD or 275USD for a table of 6. Tickets can be purchased through Family Pet Connection, The Grid, Jeff’s Copy Express, as in addition to the CAPS Hideaway.

Are you looking for a place to live?

There are 4Lab/mix pups. They are adorable and are waiting for the right home.
Our kittens are available waiting for you to take care of! Call775-423-7500 to inquire about details.
However, the policy does not allow adoption of kittens or puppies less than six months old in the home of children who are younger than five. This is to protect pets as well as children.


We would like to invite you to The MurderMystery DinnerShow. The 23rd October, at TheFallon ConventionCenter.
Help us fix our water system that is broken. We are in a swarm of mud that runs across our pipes. The volunteers offer gallons of water to allow our guests are able to live. Help us!
Dry CatFood, as well as Wet Friskies. Dry dogfood with pedigree , as well as dry and wetfood.
Aluminumcans. If you have cans that you wish to dispose of, please Contact our office(775-423-7500) to make arrangements for us to collect the cans away. You can drop them off at the CAPS.


Every CAPS volunteer and board members as well as volunteers from the community who worked hard to ensure that our garage sale went off without a hitch. Thank you!
DianePeters for commissioning the MelonFelon’s script, as well as for managing the production and for her commitment towards the CAPS. The cat’smeow is yours!


to the grid to the gridOn October 30 We’ll be at the event, along with our Kissin Booth. The time is 3p.m. We’re putting together an event for fancy dress to your most cherished BFF.

CAPS can be downloaded now. We invite appointments for adoption as well as appointments with SNAPS as well as our pantry. We’re looking for volunteer applicants. Call775-423-7500 to register.


Oct. The PetHoliday: Nat’l WalkYour DogWeek
CAPSMurder MysteryTheater: We will perform The MelonFelon at the FallonCommunityCenter on October 23rd.
We require new floors for our kennels. There is a CAPS GoFundMe link is located on the CAPS FB page.

Contact CAPS

CAPS’s address for mailing mail-order purposes CAPS mail address is Box5128 Fallon in Nevada 89407 in Nevada. CAPS phone no. is(775-423-7500). CAPS’s email address is [email protected]. Go to our CAPSwebsite( our Facebook website (ChurchillAnimalProtectionSociety). Make sure you “Like” CAPS’s page on Facebook. Facebook since we’re likable.
CAPS is available to all on Wednesday on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday as well as on Saturdays between 10:00 a.m. till 2p.m.
KathleenWilliams-Miller is a volunteer for CAPS. You can connect with me at [email protected].

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