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FREDERICTON, New Brunswick, Nov 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Food technology company Chinova Bioworks offers unique, unlabeled natural preservatives extracted from mushrooms for the food and beverage industry. It also offers an unprecedented opportunity for women working in STEM fields: the opportunity to partner and lead.

Since its launch in New Brunswick, Canada, in 2016, the company’s co-founder and CEO, Natasha Dhayagude, has made it her mission to turn the tide on who is considered the minority at Chinova Bioworks. Currently, the company is 90% female, all working in STEM fields.

“Providing opportunities for women in STEM fields is important to me because I am a minority of women in STEM and have walked this career path all my life without any mentors so I know what it’s for. other women who are trying to get into these fields. positions of influence, ”said Dhayagude. “Because I know how difficult it can be, I am committed to providing equal opportunities to women who look like me and to seeking opportunities to collaborate with other female founders of the industry. “

Some of the female-led collaborating companies that Chinova Bioworks works with include Miyoko’s Creamery, Chrisoda, and No Evil Foods. Dhayagude says working with founders gives her an amazing opportunity to learn from their obstacles and successes while improving their mission and products.

“It’s a journey to become a great leader, so for women in particular, it’s important to surround yourself with women of influence who don’t underestimate your own abilities,” said Miyoko Schinner, an American chef. , best-selling cookbook author, founding animal of the sanctuary, and owner of the vegan cheese brand Miyoko’s Creamery, a food brand that combines culinary traditions and food technology to revolutionize dairy products by making cheese and butter with plant-based milk.

Christine Manning, co-founder of Chrisoda, a healthier cold-fermented soda with apple cider vinegar, said, “I firmly believe that women should join forces. When you surround yourself with other talented and supportive women, it uplifts everyone. There is plenty of room for everyone to be successful, but as leaders we need to be aware of this and extend the opportunity or the liferaft if necessary.

Sadrah Schadel is an animal rights advocate and co-founder of No Evil Foods, a nationally distributed plant-based meat company committed to transforming the way people perceive the social and environmental impact of food they eat. “As a founder, you can’t be afraid to break the mold,” said Schadel. “We don’t need to do things the way they always have been. It is important to deviate from what is considered the standard path and show other women that they too can be successful by taking a new approach.

Dhayagude points out that intentional collaborations with female founders are part of what has made Chinova Bioworks successful and is actively seeking further partnerships with women-led and owned businesses. To learn more about the opportunities and collaborations with Chinova Bioworks, visit:

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