Climate activists disrupted Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee parade, not ‘anti-government protesters’

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Facebook posts circulating in Thailand claim a video viewed tens of thousands of times shows anti-government protesters disrupting a parade in Britain for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. The posts draw a comparison to anti-government protests in Thailand, which erupted in the conservative kingdom in 2020. However, a climate change lobby group linked to the environmental movement Extinction Rebellion told AFP the images show its activists promoting a campaign for agriculture plants.

‘The English Three Finger Salute Band interrupted Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Parade,’ it read in Thai. Facebook post who shared the video on June 4.

The three-finger salute was a symbol of resistance that became popular during anti-government protests in Thailand which gained momentum in July 2020.

At its peak, the movement drew tens of thousands of people to street rallies, demanding resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha, a former army chief who first came to power in a coup in 2014.

The Facebook post continues: “They were taken from the parade like animals. They are too liberal and nobody wanted them.

“This footage was filmed in England, proving that being too liberal isn’t universally accepted. Poor them #BBC, please speak up.”

The video shows members of the Queen’s Guard Band on The Mall near Buckingham Palace in London.

Several people can be seen jumping into the path of the group before being dragged away by police.

Text overlaid on the video reads: “Animal Rebellion Protesters Interrupt Trooping The Colour.”

Screenshot of the misleading post captured on June 8, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II famous 70 years on the throne in June, with four days of festivities for Britain’s longest-reigning monarch, including a Trooping the Color military parade and a star-studded concert.

The video has been viewed over 21,000 times in similar Facebook posts here, here, here and here.

Comments from some social media users said they believed the footage showed anti-government protesters disrupting celebrations.

“Do they follow three-fingered salutes in Thailand?” a comment read.

A user wrote: “They should do this in Thailand.”

However, the messages are misleading.

animal rebellion protest

The same video was posted here by Hong Kong-based viral site 9GAG on June 4. The post says the clip shows Animal Rebellion protesters interrupting the Jubilee Parade.

A keyword search found images of the same protest on June 2 report by the British newspaper The Guardian about the activists of Animal Rebellion, a pressure group linked to Extinction Rebellion.

The video is titled: “Animal Rebellion Protesters Arrested During Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.”

The footage – which was filmed from the opposite side of the mall to the video in the misleading posts – shows the same man in yellow taking part in the parade and the same activist dressed in green running in the motorcade.

Below is a screenshot comparing the video shared in misleading posts (left) and the Guardian video (right) with similarities circled in red:

Comparison of screenshots from the video shared in Misleading Posts (L) and the Guardian video (R) with similarities circled.

A representative of Animal Rebellion told AFP that the images show its members.

“The protest was aimed at drawing attention to our dairy campaign where we demand that the government support dairy farmers in the transition to sustainable plant-based agriculture,” the spokesperson said.

The group declares on its website that he works to promote climate and animal rights issues.

“Animal Rebellion is a mass movement that uses nonviolent civil disobedience to bring about a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system, to halt mass extinction, mitigate the worst effects of climate breakdown, and ensure the justice for animals,” he said.

Animal Rebellion too tweeted about the June 3 demonstration.

The protest was covered by various UK media, including here and herewhich reported that campaigners were campaigning for the UK to switch to a plant-based farming system.

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