Custom Stone Interiors KDUZ Pet Patrol – November 19

Each week, we’ll introduce you to some of the most adorable and adoptable pets available at our partner shelters in central and southern Minnesota. Join us live at 8:20 am on Friday morning as we bring them to you live on the all new 1260 and 965, Classic Hits KDUZ, presented weekly by Custom Stone Interiors of St. Cloud.

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Heart of Minnesota Animal Center Winsted

Winsted is a friendly and outgoing grandfather, a domestic shorthair cat who enjoys gentle petting and attention of all kinds. He is trained at home, sterilized and all his vaccines are up to date.

Winsted is FIV positive, will need to be a single cat, or live in a family with only other FIV positive cats. When he came to our shelter he had a tumor on his tongue and many defective teeth, but after a long operation to remove them he feels much better, although his tongue sticks out often and he tends to drool. a lot.

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Ruff Start Dog & Cat Rescue – corn bread

Here is Pet Patrol’s bio for Ruff Start Rescue.

Know what you’re missing from your Thanksgiving celebration? Corn bread. It’s me! I am an elderly lady looking for my new home. When Ruff Start found me wandering, I was very scared and absolutely did not trust people. Now that I’ve been living with my foster parents for a while, I’ve been able to step out of my shell and show them my sweet and sassy personality.

Since I moved in, I have been able to show my foster parents how good a girl I am. I’m super on a leash, home trained with a routine and calm as a mouse. They never even heard me bark! One important thing to know about me is that I have kidney disease. I am currently doing tests to find out more. Despite this, I feel good and I really want to find my lifelong person to snuggle up to. So what are you saying Am I coming home for the holidays?

Cornbread is a 10 year old female Jack Russell Terrier mix. For more information on Cornbread and how to adopt, visit

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Hawk Creek Animal Shelter Isabelle

We are proud to present Isabella to everyone.

Isabella is a 2 year old tuxedo wearing sweetheart! She seems to like some dogs, but others can be scary. Cats are her friends, but don’t take her favorite bed to lie down! Isabella will pout until she retrieves the bed. If her bed is “stolen,” she doesn’t mind being held like a baby for cuddling. She is very affectionate and affectionate, even seeks attention at the window! Playing with crumpled and string toys is one of his favorite pastimes. You can’t ask for a best new friend!

To meet Isabella, find out more about her, or start the process of becoming her new furry house, please click here,

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Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARCH) – Big cheese

A word from Big Cheese’s adoptive mom! “Big Cheese is the most wonderful dog – I have NO idea how
he was neglected in this refuge! He was great with our resident dog, the young children (3 years old and
6), and all the other dogs he has encountered. It would fit so well in an active family or in a couple’s house! It is a rare
“Dog dog” and “people’s dog”; friendly and cuddly with his humans, but playful and social with other dogs

He is gentle and not nervous with our children. He greets them with kisses and doesn’t care that they’re in his “bubble”. He understands discipline and listens well if we correct him. He likes to let off steam in the yard with our dog, play ball and dog parks. I think it would be a great walking, running or hiking companion!

If you want to be the parent of Big Cheese’s Big Cheese dog, click here! to apply today!

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Heartland Animal Rescue Team (HART) – Kova

Kova is a 3 year old shepherd who weighs 55 pounds. He keeps a clean kennel at the shelter and has lived with other dogs in his old home. Kova loves attention and playing outdoors, he would be the perfect pet in any household. You can view his adoption profile online at, call the shelter for more information at (218) 829-4141 or visit him in person at 15494 Dellwood Drive, Brainerd MN 56401 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. h 00.

You can view her adoption profile online at, call the shelter for more information at (218) 829-4141, or visit Kova in person at 15494 Dellwood Drive, Brainerd MN 56401 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Tri-County Animal Shelter – Flint

Flint is looking for a human who knows dogs to help him get a new one leash about life – literally! This 9-year-old sterilized lab mix hasn’t always liked other animals, so he’ll likely do best on his own. He is very friendly but is shy when he first gets to know you. Flint has a little “explorer” in him, so a fenced yard would be a good idea. A high-quality, portion-controlled diet along with frequent exercise will help this sweet boy shed extra pounds.

To learn more about this handsome guy, or to give him his new furry house, click here.

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MN’s Underdog Pet Rescue – Nougat

Hi my name is Nougat!

I am a handsome young man who is looking for a family willing to work with a rough diamond. I was rescued from a shelter in Texas, so not much is known about my past. My adoptive mother thinks I was loved but was not quite socialized as I should have been. You see, I’m a lover who will jump on my people – not everyone appreciates it, at least that’s what I’m told. When I focus and sit down my foster mom says good boy and gives me some pets to sit on. I’ll give him a quick kiss too. I try to be good! I wag my tail towards the other dogs, but at the same time I lift my hair and focus on them. My foster mom thinks I want to be friends and play, but at the same time, I feel like I need to protect myself. With proper and slow training I think I could learn how to properly interact with other dogs.

I am working on my leash skills and am doing well in potty training. With someone who is patient and willing to work with me, I know I can be a wonderful addition to the right family. I can’t wait to find my own family and hope it’s with you!

See the full bio of Nougat and the adult dog application on our site, by clicking here

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Pet Haven from Minnesota – Luke

This is Luke, a 60-pound, 6-year-old dog mix, house trained and crate. Luke lives with another resident dog and everything is fine. Occasionally, they will play together in the yard. Luke tends to keep his space personal when he’s feeling confined, so his preference would be to be a single dog or to be with another low-energy dog ​​who just likes to coexist. He tends to keep his space personal, so he can’t go to a house with children. If there are teenagers, they should be familiar with dogs and recognize and respect his mood.

Luke has endless calm, content, loving and affectionate times. He also has times when he becomes reclusive, doesn’t want his personal space to enter and withdraw into his crate. He loves to scratch his ears, rub his stomach, take naps in the sun and take long walks around the neighborhood. Luke LOVES walks, and although he’s not a super active dog, he really enjoys his walks around the neighborhood every day. He has also been trained to walk beside you and will let you go through doors and portals first. His adoptive used a martingale collar on him and he is doing very well.

Please click here and complete the Pet Haven Adoption Application.

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We did it! We reached our goal of $ 10,000 in advance donations and unlocked the Shadow grant! The Shadow Grant will match any donation today, dollar for dollar, up to $ 5,000! We still have a little way to go to reach our goal of $ 25,000. It’s simple, we need your help and we can do it together! IF 675 people donate $ 20, we will reach our end goal of $ 25,000! IMAGINE what this can do for the cats and dogs that need our help in Minnesota.

It has been a difficult year. Our local shelters and rural areas need help. More local pets are in need of non-standard medical care than we’ve seen in years. Sharing our advocacy and what we do will make a real difference in the lives of animals and people and help us raise the funds we need to continue helping those who need us most. Please share this opportunity with your friends and family. Together, we can unlock the Shadow grant!

Together we can help more of those who need us most. Together we are changing lives for the better. No donation is too small (or too big) together, we can positively impact more lives!

With your help, we can do more! Please consider sharing our Donate page with a maximum of 10 people. We need 615 people to donate $ 20 and we will reach our goal of $ 25,000!

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Crossroads Animal Shelter

Your financial contribution, large or small, is always greatly needed and appreciated by the animals! Crossroads Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization with a 501 (c) (3) status making your contributions tax deductible.

Do you follow us on Facebook? We’ve made donating to Crossroads even easier with a Donate Now button right on our Facebook page. Yes, I would love to donate to Crossroads Animal Shelter.

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Join us live every Friday morning as we feature an adorable and adoptable pet, upcoming events and news for you and your pet. The Custom Stone Interiors pet patrol on the all-new 1260 AM and 96.5 FM, Classic Hits KDUZ.

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