Establishment of an urban animal sanctuary in Guindy National Park

A rescue centre, the first of its kind by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department in the heart of the city, has been helping injured and rescued wild animals for over a month now.

Located inside Guindy National Park, the center currently has an injured pelican and a monkey undergoing rehabilitation in two separate enclosures. While the pelican was found with an injured wing, the monkey was rescued after being bitten by dogs and sustaining foot injuries.

“The center is a transit facility where we pick up rescued animals, treat their injuries and release them when they are stable enough. So far we have injured pelicans, monkeys and spotted deer,” said E. Prasanth, Chennai Wildlife Warden.

As it is part of the Guindy National Park, a veterinarian attached there as well as foresters have worked with the centre. The rescue center has two large enclosures and three smaller ones for injured animals.

A forester at the center pointed out that they had kept in mind the animals that would come here and had grown tall grass all around the enclosure for the deer in particular to feed on. One of the paddocks also has a patch of grass.

New installations

Among the infrastructural improvements that have taken place since the rescue center began operating is the construction of a new autopsy room.

“Under the old facility, the post-mortem room was indoors and animals housed in the enclosures were at risk of contracting diseases from the carcasses that had to be transported inside. autopsy was built right next to the gate of the facility and became operational,” Mr. Prasanth said.

The government of Tamil Nadu recently announced that the remodeling of Guindy National Park will be done at a cost of ₹20 crore.

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