FOX5 enters Animal Foundation amid canine disease outbreak and staffing shortages

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Recently, the Animal Foundation shelter has been center stage for dozens of sick dogs and extreme staffing shortages.

The shelter provided an update on the conditions of dogs with canine pneumovirus. With animal rights activists, rallies, and news of extremely brief personnel issues, we wanted to take a look at how everyone is handling it.

FOX5 was able to walk through the facility with staff and workers doing their best to keep the dogs happy and healthy. Kaleigh O’Neill is the Animal Welfare Manager and she showed us the different quarantine areas where the dogs are housed. Everything seemed to be clean and sanitized.

On Thursday, the Animal Foundation said 73 dogs showed signs of the disease and 23 dogs have recovered from the virus and are cleared for adoption.

“We all work here because we love animals, we have a passion for animals and animal welfare, so it’s amazing to work with animal welfare warriors who come to work to provide the best possible care to make sure they are all taken care of,” O’Neill said.

The shelter has many pets to adopt. If you want report a stray dog who is injured, sick or vicious, you can contact animal control.

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