Goose injured in hit and run in East Setauket rescued by animal rescue group



A Long Island animal rescue group came to the aid of a goose that was injured in a hit and run in East Setauket.

Frank Floridia of Strong Island Animal Rescue received a call Thursday morning about a family of injured geese that were hit by a car on Research Way. The car took off, but Floridia quickly jumped into action.

The video shows Floridia picking up the injured goose and placing it in a trash can.

“Mom and dad and the two siblings always stayed around him,” says Floridia. “He was having trouble moving. I knew he had to go to the hospital.

Floridia brought the goose to Animal General Hospital, and she had surgery for her broken leg. He says it’s a busy road and people tend to speed up.

“I would love to see the police sit here and give speeding tickets,” says Floridia.

Police told News 12 the incident was not considered a crime because it involved a wild animal.

John Di Leonardo, of Long Island Orchestrating for Nature, said hitting an animal, be it a dog or a goose with a vehicle, should be a crime.

“Letting the animal suffer whether it is an accident or not is a hit and run,” says Di Leonardo.

Di Leonardo asks drivers if they hit an animal to stay with him and contact a wildlife organization.


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