Gordon Ramsay urged to remove octopus from restaurant menus

Gordon Ramsay is invited to remove octopus from the menus of his restaurant.

The celebrity chef, who recently admitted he ‘loves’ vegan food, received a letter from animal rights charity PETA.

Octopus “curse”

He argues that serving octopus risks causing an “ancient curse” that “would affect all who kill, cook or eat octopus” in Halloween.

In a satirical video, PETA warns of ‘octocurse’ – which sees people bleeding blue blood and having their heads swollen to an abnormally large size, as well as people developing huge eyes and the ability to squirt the ink.

joking aside, charity writing“Octopuses are hyper-intelligent animals capable of complex thought processes: they can navigate mazes, use tools, and learn to do things like unscrew lids just by looking.

“They are masters of disguise, they decorate their homes like we do and they have great memories. They are also extremely sensitive to pain.

“In fact, because octopus brains are distributed throughout their bodies…The terror and pain they feel when sliced ​​alive or speared to death, common methods of killing these animals, is almost unimaginable.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Vegan Adventure

The hot-headed chef wasn’t always a big fan of herbal food. In fact, he once joked that he was “allergic” to vegans – and used to regularly post anti-vegetarian rhetoric on his social media.

However, the star seems to be slowly changing her mind. In 2018, he began adding more animal-free options to his restaurant’s menus, saying he “could see more creative demand”.

Years later, Ramsay teamed up with vegan milk brand Silk and admitted, “It took my kids to pick me up, but now I really like cooking more. herbal recipes at home and in my restaurants.

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Featured image: Ethan Miller via Getty Images

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