Healing ARC Framework revolutionizes care in hospitals and healthcare facilities

BOSTON, September 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A distinguished group of healthcare professionals, community leaders and advocates for healthcare equity today launched a campaign to raise awareness of successful, race-conscious approaches to health care delivery in Massachusetts that target institutional racism and can bring transformational change to health care systems.

The campaign educates hospital administrators, lawmakers, social justice advocates, and communities about the value of race-conscious interventions, such as those implemented through Healing ARC. Healing ARC is a collaborative approach that helps rectify inequities in patient care, while countering the idea that race-blind solutions alone effectively mend systems broken by racism.

“We advocate an approach to address racism in health care by enlisting the community and health care institutions as equal partners, equally motivated to identify and address inequalities in health and health care with race-conscious strategies that are badly needed for people dealing with the effects of structural racism that kills them, their family members and friends,” said committee member Dr. Camara Jones MD, MPH, PhD Healing ARC campaign advisory and past president of the American Public Health Association.

In 2015, a study by doctors at BWH found that over a 10-year period, on average, fewer black and Hispanic patients diagnosed with heart failure in the emergency department were admitted to the specialized cardiology unit which improves patient outcomes. In response, physicians developed a race-conscious Healing ARC model of care to address racial inequities and build accountability. A pilot program launched earlier this year is creating a fairer process by sending a digital alert to medical records reminding doctors of the option to refer patients to cardiology.

“Historical data shows better health outcomes for patients referred to cardiology specialists, including lower 30-day readmission rates and better follow-up rates compared to patients admitted to general medicine,” said Dr Michelle. E. Morse, assistant professor at Harvard Medical School and Chief Medical Officer and Deputy Commissioner for New York City Department of Health. She co-led the study and developed The Healing ARC with Dr. Bram P. Wispelwey. BWH doctors Michael Wilson and Regan Marsh, members of the campaign’s advisory committee, implement the intervention.

The campaign’s goal is to expand Healing ARC apps to more hospitals, healthcare facilities, and public health facilities, while explaining why BWH’s care delivery model is needed, what can achieve and why race-conscious interventions are needed to dismantle racism in health care.

“We believe the Healing ARC framework can make a transformational difference in patient care,” said Dr. Wispelwey, Instructor in Medicine at BWH and Instructor in the Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health. “The approach serves two anti-racist goals by providing training for clinicians in recognizing racial inequity and providing an avenue for redress for patients of color.”

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About the Healing ARC Campaign
Our campaign educates hospital and health system administrators, legislators, social justice advocates, civic and community leaders about the effectiveness of race-conscious interventions, such as those implemented through Healing BOW. By implementing apps as part of Healing ARC, America can prevent health care inequities and improve the quality of life for many families and individuals.

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