Images of racehorses seen in BBC Panorama documentary “Inherent in the Industry”


Successful racehorses linked to some of the biggest names in racing were among thousands of horses slaughtered in British and Irish slaughterhouses since 2019.

It’s according to a BBC Panorama documentary, which showed footage filmed in one of the UK’s largest slaughterhouses on Monday.

Secret records also claimed that rules designed to protect horses from cruel death were being broken.

The BBC says freedom of information requests have revealed 4,000 former racehorses have been slaughtered in Ireland and Britain since the start of 2019.

Most – but not all – were educated in Ireland, he says.

The images were recorded over four days in late 2019 and early 2020.

Founder of animal rights group ARAN, John Carmody, Told Current affairs lunch that did not surprise him.

“This is something we would have been aware of for a very long time – we shouted from the rooftops at people who place bets and bookmakers all over the country, telling them that it is inherent in this industry, and luckily, viewers were able to take a look at it last night.

“Anywhere animals are used for entertainment and corners of profit will always be cut.

“The reality here is this: Anyone who comes in and places a bet on horse racing, greyhound racing or any animal that has to run for their life, there are going to be huge issues with the welfare of those people. animals.

“There is always a downward spiral of animals that end up being killed – and I think viewers until last night may have heard it from time to time… but very few people would have believed that to happen. actually produced in slaughterhouses and abattoirs. “

John says this was not revealed by animal rights groups, but by the BBC.

“The reality is that these animals are being killed by the thousands, and this is not from animal rights activists – it is from the BBC Panorama last night.”

In a statement, Horse Racing Ireland declares that it fully condemns the practices shown in the images and supports the calls for an investigation.

“Horse Racing Ireland wholeheartedly condemns the practices shown in footage from the slaughterhouse in Swindon, UK, depicted in the BBC documentary tonight Panorama.

“HRI’s support calls for an investigation by the relevant UK authority into this slaughterhouse.

“These images showed both animal and human health issues and do not reflect the care that racehorses receive in the horse racing industry throughout their lives,” he says.

Main Image: Still image of footage filmed inside a UK slaughterhouse that slaughtered horses between October 2019 and February 2020. Photo by: Animal Aid

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