KDUZ Pet Patrol – January 7

Each week, we’ll bring you some of the most adorable and adoptable pets available at our partner shelters in central and southern Minnesota. Join us live at 8:20 am on Friday morning as we bring them to you live on the all new 1260 and 965, Classic Hits KDUZ.

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Heart of Minnesota Animal Center Baroukh

Barukh is a 77-pound, 2-year-old Great Dane / Labrador Retriever whose name means ‘Blessed’. He has a great personality. He is gentle, playful, social, friendly, curious, active and loves cuddles. You will learn that he especially likes scratching his back and neck while snuggling up to you! He will surely bless your family if given the chance.

He knows how to sit, stay, come, lie down and walk on a leash. He’ll need reminders so he doesn’t jump on people. But believe it or not… this is a gentle rider for his size. He’s a handsome boy with a really happy disposition. Come meet Barukh.

For more information on Barukh, contact the refuge by clicking here.

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Ruff Start Dog & Cat Rescue – Cider

Hello my name is Cider and I am a 24 pound Fox Terrier / Beagle mix. I am the kind of puppy who will teach you the meaning of ‘playing’. If you didn’t know, I’d tell you it’s the best part of life. I would know… because I’m the best at it. I wake up, I play, I fall asleep. My favorite game is recovery and the best part of the game is having other dogs to have fun with. My biggest wish for my next chapter is a canine sibling and a fenced yard.

When I am not playing, I am a cuddly girl and I agree to be carried. In addition to my fun loving personality, my foster humans say that I am a smart girl. They teach me how to be a good canine citizen while I search for my new home. I am trained in potty training, in the cash register, I drive the car well and I learn to walk on a leash.
If you are ready for a puppy like me, will you be my playmate forever?

For more information on cider and how to adopt it, visit www.ruffstarterescue.org.

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Hawk Creek Animal Shelter soft

Hi I’m Chewy and the thing you need to know about me is I’m amazing! Not to brag but I can “sit”, and “drop it” but that’s not all, I can play wrestling and bring it back to you too. I love everyone and the booty scratches are what make me ‘dance’.

I love to run and you can be my human running partner, isn’t that fun? In my kennel I am ‘not happy’ but please don’t let that stop you from visiting me because once they take me out I am this amazing dog that I will tell you about. have spoken! I’m not sure about cats, they look pretty scary and I didn’t want to make eye contact with them. Maybe I could live with them, but the staff said you need to watch me very closely.

Come see me, and if you have another dog, I’d like to meet them first, to see if we can be BFFs. To make an appointment with me, please click here.

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Midwest Animal Rescue & Services (MARCH) – Izzé

It’s Izze, and it’s a little gem! She has proven to be perfectly educated at home, loves to run around the yard with the dogs, and will do her best with another dog of her age and size to play with. Izze was very happy to sleep with the other dogs on the floor or on the bed.

She sits down for treats and Izze doesn’t try to steal food from other dogs. She loves a good marrow bone! She doesn’t try to steal the bones of other dogs – but is loudly corrected by the pack if she even thinks about it! With his speed and cheerful energy, I wouldn’t recommend an apartment or townhouse for him. Izze is happiest running around the fenced yard like a whippet!

Izze is very curious about cats but didn’t try to hurt them; she wants them to play. So if she’s been to a house with cats, they must be calm about her curiosity.

Izze is a lovely girl and a joy to be with. Whoever adopts it will be very lucky. Click here! to apply today!

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Heartland Animal Rescue Team (HART) –

You can view his adoption profile online at hartpets.org, call the shelter for more information at (218) 829-4141 or visit him in person at 15494 Dellwood Drive, Brainerd MN 56401 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. h 30.

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Tri-County Animal Shelter – Jessica rabbit

Jessica Rabbit is an adorable (and attractive!) One-year-old bunny looking to take the stage in a new home. She is used to being manipulated. Jessica would need to have access to fresh water and Timothy Hay at all times; their diet should be supplemented with high quality rabbit pellets and appropriate fruits and vegetables. You can find supplies for Jessica in the TCHS Re-Tail Shoppe.

To learn more about Jessica, or to gift her a new home, please click here.

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MN’s Underdog Pet Rescue – Lettie

Hello, my name is Lettie. I am a very beautiful and calm little adult boxer who has the sweetest face and the deepest, most touching brown eyes that you have ever seen… they will melt your heart !! I am looking for the most perfect, most patient Forever Home. I’m a shy but sweet girl who loves hanging out with her foster mom and watching movies. We’re best friends on the couch and snuggle up in the blankets with snacks.

Peanut butter is my favorite treat! I hope my Forever Home can make Kong with peanut butter! I also enjoy spending time outside in the fenced yard exploring the gardens, looking for critters and rolling around in the grass. When I’m not lapping the yard or exploring the gardens, I relax in my safe place. You humans call it a “kennel / crate”, but to me it is the place where I feel most secure and comfortable. I am a really good girl, but I must add that I am also a cunning one who can easily slip off a harness and leash, so my new house must have a well-fenced yard.

Are you a patient person who promises to love me unconditionally? Are you looking for someone to share your life with? I have a heart bigger than heaven and can’t wait to share it with someone very special! Do you want Lettie to love me YOU ???? Hey, hey, see what I did there? MDR! Thank you for sharing my life with me. I promise that I am truly worth it and that I will enrich your life in ways you never imagined! Love, Lettie

For more information visit www.underdogrescuemn.com

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Pet Haven from Minnesota – Baguenauder

Hello, potential family member! My name is Mosey. Am I not cute and fluffy? I can tell you with absolute honesty that I am as cute in person as I am in my photos. As you can see, I am an orange cat. I have a lot of energy and this is typical of my breed. I’m very curious but usually I don’t go into stuff, but instead I like to play, play, play! I love to play biting so scroll down if you mind. I don’t mean to say bad things, but acting is my thing so I really get into it!

Purr – I love to purr! I purr when you feed me. I purr when you touch me. I will also probably purr when you call me. I was told it was really endearing. See how cute I am!

I like to play! I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a big deal. I don’t jump high on surfaces, but I like to use smaller jumps to gain height. I love a cat tree. Oh and that laser light thing- I go crazy and look like a frenzied lunatic when that light goes out. I also like cloth balls and carry them everywhere. Perhaps my favorite toy is the string hanging from a wand. I drag this all over the house. I have claws so I need places to scratch too. Keep it near my food because I can’t wait to eat!

I’ve had a hard life, sigh. I had just come from a hoarding situation and then more recently I thought I was in my home forever, but my human friend had to leave me to step into assisted living. I am not even 5 years old yet, and I want to find my forever home, to be loved and to give love forever! I love my personal space and will spend there when I need a downtime, but I thrive on camaraderie. If you move around a lot or have to abandon me because you move into a household that doesn’t like or allow pets, please don’t consider me. Or if you have friends who may be allergic to cats because I am a long haired cat. Ooh too, I need a lot of brushing. My fur is everywhere. To be honest, if you’ve never had a longhair cat before, beware of how we can lose weight. I would look super cute with a lion cut !!

I know you want to know if you are a good fit family. Please don’t ask to adopt me if you have children (older ones may be suitable) or if you are an elderly person (I might harm thin skin while playing). I also have to make sure that you don’t have any other pets and that you don’t intend to have any more.

Please click here and complete the Pet Haven Adoption Application.

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Join us live every Friday morning as we feature an adorable and adoptable pet, upcoming events and news for you and your pet. The Custom Stone Interiors pet patrol on the all-new 1260 AM and 96.5 FM, Classic Hits KDUZ.

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