Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter Receives Major Flood Relief Donation

HAZARD, Ky. (WYMT) – The Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter (KRRAS) has received a major donation from Petco Love and PetSmart Charities.

The two charities donated $25,000 each in disaster relief funds for a $50,000 donation to the animal shelter.

The donation will help KRRAS care for the hundreds of animals lost and abandoned after severe flooding.

“We are so grateful for the support from Petco Love and PetSmart Charities, as caring for so many animals in need was far beyond our normal budget. These disaster relief grants will help Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter pay for additional staff, veterinary care and shelter upgrades so we can be here for local animals as our community continues to heal,” said KRRAS Manager Allie Mullins.

In the first days after the flood, the three KRRAS employees operated the animal shelter without electricity or running water, caring for more than 250 animals.

Rescue groups like the Kentucky Humane Society and Starfish Animal Rescue have taken in adoptable cats and dogs that were at the shelter before the floods. This has allowed the shelter to extend stray animal stays from five to 30 days to give owners more time to find their lost pets.

Since the flood, the shelter has cared for more than a thousand animals, worked to reunite animals with their families, and distributed free food and pet supplies to families.

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