Lake Humane Society brings animals to visit seniors at Mentor Assisted Living Center

September 16 – The Enclave of Newell Creek, an assisted living facility in Mentor, this week partnered with the Lake Humane Society to bring in dogs and kittens to brighten their residents’ day.

Jessica Dougherty, director of sales and marketing at The Enclave, said National Assisted Living Week went into effect Sept. 10 with the goal of celebrating joy with the customers they assist.

“Our theme this year is to celebrate joy and our residents love puppies, so we reached out to the Lake Humane Society to host an event and they jumped at the idea,” Dougherty said. “Every time we bring animals, it brightens their day. It’s amazing to see the happiness they bring.”

The Humane Society volunteers brought their Bourbon and Bistro pooches, a pair of 3-4 year old dogs who lovingly roamed the center wings wagging their tails enthusiastically. Accompanying Bourbon and Bistro was the kitten Football, a cat born without a tail that was passed on to seniors so that they had fun petting the little feline.

Lake Humane Society and Enclave encourage residents to adopt a pet, not only to provide their dogs and cats with a loving home, but also to enrich residents’ lives and help boost their mental health.

“We love working with the Lake Humane Society. They do a fantastic job and they really know how to put a smile on our residents’ faces,” Dougherty said. “We always look forward to events like this to see the smiles from our residents and the little furry friends they bring too.”

The Enclave has several residents who currently own pets in their homes and apartments.

“Everyone appreciates animals,” said Lake Humane Society volunteer Nancy Irle. “Bourbon and Bistro are great ambassadors for us. There’s nothing better than seeing how happy they make people.”

The Humane Society Shelter, located at 7564 Tyler Blvd., has a variety of animals for adoption, including Bistro, Bourbon, and Football. All of their animals have received fully up-to-date vaccinations and are neutered and neutered. In addition, their animals are microchipped so that they can be tracked in case of loss.

Anyone wishing to adopt a pet can contact the organization at 440-951-6122.

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