Lawyer Sherman Hospital Reschedules Elective Surgeries Due to Lack of Anesthesia Providers


Elgin’s Advocate Sherman Hospital is suspending elective surgeries for nearly three weeks due to a lack of anesthesia providers.

In a statement, parent company Advocate Aurora Health did not explain the reason for the shortage of anesthesia providers, but said they “will continue to provide care for urgent and emerging situations, and it is critical that patients seek care when needed “.

The statement said labor and delivery services will continue uninterrupted and that they are “rescheduling non-critical or elective procedures to other Advocate Aurora Health locations until September 20 at the latest due to a shortage of anesthesia providers “.

The company declined to provide further details.

Dr Sanjay Sutaria said his company, United Anesthesia Associates in Elgin, has worked with Sherman Hospital for 30 years to provide anesthesia services. He said they had been negotiating with Advocate for more than a year and a half on a contract before the hospital chain decided to go to another supplier.

“It stings, because we did the best we could,” said Sutaria, who added that her company had the backing of doctors at the hospital. “It was purely a corporate decision that had no regard for the Elgin community.”

According to several doctors who contacted the Daily Herald, Elgin Hospital informed them they would have to reschedule or find a new location for the non-critical procedures starting Wednesday.

“I just think it’s an absolute disgrace,” said Dr Philip Lambruschi of the Valley Plastic Surgery Center in West Dundee.

Lambruschi, an independent plastic surgeon who has been on staff at Sherman Hospital for 37 years, said he had scheduled surgery within that window of time. He performs most of his procedures in his own surgery center because it is cheaper for the patients.

“Everyone was worried that big government was taking over medicine and now big business has taken over medicine,” Lambruschi said.

“You can vote against the government, but you cannot vote against big business.”

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