Lung cancer advocate turns passion into action


I nominate Upal Basu Roy for the CURE® Lung Cancer Heroes® award. Upal is the Senior Director of LUNGevity Research at the LUNGevity Foundation. He leads LUNGevity’s translational science research program and its patient-focused research center. In these roles, Upal oversees LUNGevity’s research fellowship program. This includes the monitoring and evaluation of research projects as well as the implementation and management of LUNGevity’s patient-oriented research, including Project Transform, a multi-year, multi-stakeholder study of patient preferences that LUNGevity is conducting. with the Ohio State University School of Medicine.

Upal also guides the scientific agenda for LUNGevity’s International Lung Cancer Survival Conference, translates research into patient-friendly resources, and communicates the collective voice of the community to industry and government to ensure the patient is at the center of all research. He has a passion for action in addressing health disparities as a member of LUNGevity’s Health Equity Council, and he also fights tirelessly for those without a voice. Upal holds a doctorate. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Arizona and an MPH in Global Health Policy and Management from New York University.

In addition to her brilliant mind, Upal has the real gift of being able to think with her heart. Upal always gives priority to patients in terms of research and support. Some examples: It educates the patient community, helps patients navigate the fragmented system, struggles with access to medicines issues in other countries, addresses disparities, and supports research and advocacy initiatives led by healthcare professionals. patients.

I worked with Upal on patient-oriented research between the EGFR Resisters patient advocacy group and the LUNGevity Foundation. EGFR resistant would not have been able to have the impact that we had in research or to present data at the World Lung Cancer Conference of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer and the North American Lung Cancer Conference without his leadership and support. It helps foster relationships and ensure that we (laypersons) are always prepared and understand the complex science. I can also say with certainty that I would not be the lawyer I am today without Upal’s unwavering and unconditional guidance and encouragement.

Beyond his profession, Upal acts on his passion and his sympathy to raise awareness about lung cancer. Whether it’s 6 a.m. or 9 p.m., Upal is always willing and ready to help patients and other advocates in a way that seems effortless. It gives people the impression that the outside world ceases to exist for as long as we need it. He’s helped me with countless slides for presentations and article writing, and he’s also always there to listen while I practice or just listen when I need an ear.

Upal’s generosity with her time, skills and heart extends to the entire lung cancer community. Although he has seen disease destroy, weaken and kill his own loved ones and the people he has grown to love and care for, he continues to fight with us and for us. To be able to maintain that dedication through so much devastation is true compassion that cannot be learned.

I have been an advocate for lung cancer for 20 years and Upal is the most collaborative person I have ever worked with and the most humble. He never asks for recognition (always making sure people know his efforts are collaborative), and he’s never received the recognition he deserves – that’s why I name him.

This is the only way for me and the rest of the community to show our gratitude and thank him.

Upal is a true leader in the field both as a professional and as a model of humane and compassionate care. The work he does on and off the clock has helped transform the landscape of lung cancer research and advocacy. His efforts in lung cancer research can save many lives, but more importantly, his genuine care and dedication to patients and our families has changed and will continue to change lives. Her sincere care and dedication is the epitome of hope, a vital emotion for anyone touched by the cruelty of lung cancer.

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