Mount Kilimanjaro summit volunteers for the benefit of the SPCA

Fourteen climbers recently took up the Mount Kilimanjaro challenge to raise much-needed funds for the Sandton and Johannesburg SPCAs.

The teams traveled for seven days, starting July 2, in Tanzania with the Kusudi La volunteer organization, enjoying the breathtaking views and beautiful flora as they approached their goal of reaching the summit. .

Kusudi La founder Stephanie Brown has always had a passion and interest in animal welfare, which is how the idea for the first ascent of the Sandton SPCA began in 2012. This year climbers came from Canada, the Netherlands and South Africa.

“A lot of our climbers have been waiting since 2020 for their Kilimanjaro, so it was so exciting to finally climb. Again, we had an amazing group of people who not only wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, but join in a common goal to raise money for animal welfare.

Volunteer Zanri Marais added that it was exciting to finally get there and tackle the summit. Each person took turns carrying Tanzi, the stuffed dog mascot, and a flag with all the names of the pets of the people who sent in donations.

This year’s Mount Kilimanjaro team took fundraising to new heights. Photo: Supplied

“We missed two years of Kilimanjaro thanks to Covid, but this group climb was proof that the human spirit is invincible – with enough motivation and some inspiration for animal welfare, the sky isn’t even the limit,” she said.

Twelve of the 14 climbers successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro, including 14-year-old Jayden Peiser.

“The climb was definitely the experience of a lifetime. It was great to be able to climb for a good cause and achieve a personal goal of climbing Africa’s highest mountain,” said Sandra Cheung, Board Member of the Johannesburg SPCA.

The group hopes to exceed its R250,000 fundraising goal, so if you are interested in being a part or donating to this cause, visit or email [email protected]

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