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Help be the helping eyes, ears and hands of Mystic Aquarium on Fishers Island

Here you can be recertified or become a newly trained first responder for the Mystic Aquarium.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a first responder with the Mystic Aquarium Animal Rescue Program!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a first responder with the Mystic Aquarium Animal Rescue Program!

This is our first year doing virtual training so I’m still trying to figure out any issues with the process and appreciate your patience ahead of time. If you are a new responder to the program, watching the training doesn’t mean you automatically have to become a first responder. If you complete the training and decide that being a speaker is not for you, great! You will only become an autoresponder in our system once you complete the quiz and register for our google classroom (details below). There is no time commitment to be a first responder. When we receive a call about an animal on our hotline, the staff running the hotline that day will search our system for responders who live near (or have requested to respond to) a particular city. We will then go down our list of speakers in that area and call you to see if you are available that day. If you are, then great! If you are not, then no worries at all. It just means we move on to calling the next person on our list. If you are available to respond, you will record all volunteer hours for that day in our Better Impact system.

If you haven’t completed an application in our new volunteer database, Better Impact, please do so on MyImpactPage – Animal Rescue – First Responder ( This step must be completed before viewing the training.

Once you have completed your application on Better Impact, click on the link to the virtual training here: It should take you about an hour and a half.

After watching the training, you will need to follow these steps to sign in to your gmail account or create a gmail account if you don’t have one. Our Animal Rescue Program has a Google Classroom that you will need to join. You will receive a short training quiz in Google Classic and have until September 30 to complete it. I’m sure everyone will do very well on the quiz, but if you have to retake it you will have the opportunity to do it too!

The following links will take you to documents that explain the process in more detail.

Guide to becoming a first responder – Google Docs

Dates – Google Docs

First responders are an integral part of our program, and we look forward to having you on our team!

Sarah callan
Assistant Manager, Animal Rescue Program
55 Coogan Boulevard
Mystique, Connecticut 06355
Office: 860-572-5955 ext. 134
Cell: 860-625-1169
Direct line: 860-572-5955 x 107

The Fishers Island Conservancy, in conjunction with the Stranded Animals Program, will store supplies on the island, if they are needed in the event that an animal is stranded or if it is preferable to transport the animal to the Mystic Aquarium for to be treated there. Please contact Stephanie Hall at the Conservancy with any questions, comments or assistance.


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