Pet Adoptive Parent Shares Their Experience With CT Pregnant Dog and Cat Rescue

ROCKVILLE, Conn. (WFSB) – Joann Connolly will be in court in Rockville tomorrow, after being arrested for animal cruelty.

Lauri Weber, a woman who says she took in some of Connolly’s pets, says the experience was traumatic.

Weber broke down in tears as he relived his puppy placement experience last summer.

Weber says she was encouraged by Joann Connelly, owner and operator of CT Pregnant Dog and Cat Rescue.

“I saw something online about this pup, this mother dog and five puppies from the south. If they didn’t have a foster home within the next ten hours, the dog and puppies were going to be euthanized” , Weber said.

Weber says she reached out and was accepted to take in the mother, Molly, and her five puppies. Fast forward five weeks “one of them had a seizure and I took him to the vet with Joann’s permission.”

Weber says that soon after the other puppies started having seizures, but Joann didn’t want the puppies at the vet.

“I was asked to go back and get the puppies because they weren’t doing the treatment she wanted, which is homeopathic only,” Weber said.

For three days, Weber says she cared for the puppies herself around the clock until she said she couldn’t do it anymore.

“I finally called her and told her I didn’t care what you did but these puppies wouldn’t die in my care. They don’t get better. The seizures are worse,” Weber said.

Weber said paramedics came to pick up the puppies, “within 24 hours I learned one had died. Two days later, another had died of 107 fever, because she refused treatment. medical.

She finally says, all the puppies are dead.

“Knowing that we helped save those puppies and save her, but only to die of distemper because of everything that happened was right, it was heartbreaking,” Weber said.

The state Division of Animal Control said it received several complaints about rescuing pregnant Ct dogs and cats, but they say they couldn’t get in until last week.

Officials say the Ministry of Children and Families asked for help after receiving reports that the owner had moved on and left behind a large number of animals.

Connelly was arrested Friday and is charged with three counts of animal cruelty. She is being held on $10,000 bail.

Officials say all of the animals that were removed from Connolly’s home have been transported and are receiving care.

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