Pet Expo hosts National Kitten Day and other pet events in July

MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) – July 10 is National Kitten Day, and the Mankato Pet Expo welcomed all animal lovers and their furry friends to the store.

“Cats are a very popular large pet. We wanted to celebrate the kittens and cats that come through Pet Expo,” said Victoria Morsching, Multimedia and Events Manager at Pet Expo.

To celebrate, Pet Expo gave away samples to cat owners, free gifts and kittens to greet from Mankato-based Mending Spirits Animal Rescue.

“We try to promote our local rescues as much as possible,” Morsching said.

Mending Spirits comes to Pet Expo at least once a month to showcase adoptable rescue animals.

“So it’s important to go from rescues instead of breeders so that we can continue to get these dogs off the streets. Because as soon as we welcome dogs and cats into new homes, we are able to welcome them. a lot more,” said Sara Halla, Mending Spirits K-9 Homestay Coordinator.

But National Kitten Day won’t be the only showcase of the month. From July 17-23, Pet Expo and Mending Spirits will host Feed a Rescue Pet Week, where food and donation stations will be set up for Mending Spirits.

“Mending Spirits being an entirely host family based program, they really appreciate any donations they can get,” Morsching said.

Along with the donation stations, Mending Spirits will continue to show its animals, which need forever homes.

“We’re going to try to bring animals in most nights next week, so people can meet them and get them interested in donating to all of our animals,” Halla said.

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