Polis calls on Congress to act on immigration reform, local advocates call reform “overdue”


DENVER – Governor Jared Polis on Wednesday shared his letter to leaders of the US Congress calling for immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for “aspiring Americans”.

In the letter, Polis hailed the country’s immigrant community as “vital” to the economy throughout the pandemic, filling the essential workforce in various sectors.

“As our country and the state of Colorado strive to rebuild itself stronger after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential that our country provide a way to obtain citizenship for aspiring, hard-working Americans who have helped our country meet the challenges of the past one and a half years, ”Polis wrote.

Polis added that he believed the immigration system should be built in a manner that is “humane and orderly and grounded in justice and enforceability. A system we can be proud of includes a pathway to obtain citizenship for them. aspiring Americans because as we emerge from this pandemic, we need every worker, neighbor and friend to contribute to the economy of our country and our communities, ”

Some believe that Polis’ letter is just the starting point in advocating for Colorado’s immigrant communities.

“We asked for this. I am delighted that the governor is joining the chorus of people calling for immigration reform,” said Ean Tafoya, co-chair of the Colorado Latino Forum.

Through her work, Tafoya advocates for the advancement of the Latinx community and the rights of immigrants.

“For us immigration is natural, climate immigration is natural. People are on the move. It’s been happening since the dawn of time. For us, we really just want to make sure it’s cheaper, than the delays. are shorter, that it becomes easier to do it. And of course, get our children out of the cages, “he said.

Congress has not passed any major immigration reform for over 30 years, with Republicans and Democrats rarely going across the aisle.

Now, Polis’ letter follows Democrats in the U.S. Congress hoping to put immigration action on Biden’s national agenda this fall.

“I mean more needs to be done in the community for education on the pathways to citizenship,” Tafoya said. “It’s incredibly expensive. It shouldn’t cost that much money to apply to live in a place where you work and contribute to society.”

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