Ross is looking to keep his seat on the commission

I’m Christy Ross, a business owner and originally from Warren County. I seek your vote for County Commissioner of District 1. Over the past four years as County Commissioner, I have worked to improve our county as a whole and have paid particular attention to issues brought to my attention by residents of District 1.

I worked closely with the Upper Cumberland Development District to help secure the $600,000 jail grant, which will be used to purchase a body scanner. The body scanner will significantly improve the safety of our officers and inmates while helping to eliminate contraband entering our prison. This will ultimately save taxpayers money by reducing labor hours and medical costs.

As District 1 Commissioner, I was able to advocate for the needs of West Elementary. West Elementary, which is located in District 1, has seen substantial improvements over the past four years with a new library, new cafeteria, additional classrooms and new bathrooms.

I have supported and will continue to support all county employees. We must ensure that we have employees to provide top-notch service to our citizens. To provide this level of service to our citizens, we must be able to recruit strong employees and also be able to retain them over the long term.

I have been an animal lover all my life and believe we can do better for the animals in Warren County. Currently, we are looking to combine our resources with the City of McMinnville to build a new animal shelter. I fully support these efforts.

I currently serve on the Tourism Development Board, the Senior Center Board and the Park Theater Board. I have dedicated most of my life to volunteering with several organizations to make Warren County a better place to live. To quote Jaycee’s motto, I believe “service to humanity is life’s best work”. I believe that these decades of volunteer service have better prepared me to be an effective commissioner.

I ask for your vote for Commissioner of District 1 to continue my service to this county and its citizens whom I love so much. Early voting begins July 15. The general election is August 4. Thank you very much for your consideration and support.

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