SeaWorld San Diego deals with ‘repeat offender’ for third time

When visitors think of SeaWorld San Diego, many of the park’s offerings come to mind, including thrilling attractions, exceptional animal displays and experiences, delicious dining offerings, and an overall wonderful experience for the whole family. . However, thanks to recent news, guests have learned about one of SeaWorld’s lesser-known practices.

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However, recent news has shed light on some SeaWorld practices that may not be as popular among guests.

On Monday, San Diego park officials announced the rescue of a “repeat offender” by a specialized group of team members. It was the third time SeaWorld San Diego had to deal with the attacker, a feral sea lion nicknamed “Freeway” by the rescue team.

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FOX 5 San Diego reported that the rescue took place on April 7 at a City Heights storm drain, where the animal was found heading in the general direction of the freeway. Rescue team members rushed to block off the area to avoid a situation similar to Freeway’s earlier rescue.

This latest encounter took place in January after the sea lion was spotted wandering on Highway 94, west of Interstate 805. Concerned drivers tried to contain the animal in the middle lanes for the to prevent movement and injury while the SeaWorld rescue team arrived. scene to get Freeway to safety.

Release of sea lions from SeaWorld
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However, this was not the first encounter with Freeway. SeaWorld Rescue Team Member Eric Otjen commented: “This animal has been to our rescue center before. He was rescued in early November from Harbor Island Drive, was released soon after, and has been showing up in strange situations and places since then. It’s the weirdest part, though.

Currently, Freeway is in good condition and is undergoing routine assessments by SeaWorld San Diego officials as part of any animal rescues performed by the park.

SeaWorld Turtle Release
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Not all guests know that SeaWorld locations around the world rescued more than 40,000 animals this month, including 21,000 incidents involving the SeaWorld San Diego team. Authorities say the most common rescues in California are usually sea lions, seals, sea and shorebirds and sea turtles.

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We recently saw SeaWorld Orlando claim the title of Best Theme Park from USA Today’s 10Best Readers’ Choice Travel Awards and celebrate it by offering free beer to guests 21 and older. The park also won the Best New Attraction category with Ice Breaker.

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We also saw SeaWorld’s social media team having a blast after creating a vicious but hilarious Twitter fight against Universal, which escalated to the point where Busch Gardens Tampa and Six Flags Magic Mountain joined.

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With parks in Orlando, San Diego and San Antonio, SeaWorld has a variety of thrill rides to offer its guests including Ice Breaker, Infinity Falls, Mako, Kraken, Manta, Journey to Atlantis, NEW Texas Stingray, Riptide Rescue , Sea Swinger, Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster, Great White Roller Coaster, Steel Eel Roller Coaster, Rio Loco, Tidal Surge, Emperor, Electric Eel and Tidal Twister.

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