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Hello from SOLAS, and welcome to the next chapter of cats, cats, kittens!

As always, SOLAS would like to thank our donors and volunteers. Last week we received several wonderful and much needed donations of food, bedding, medicine, etc. Thanks very much. And SOLAS would like to extend a special “thank you” to the Walmart Community Grant Program for a very generous monetary donation that comes at a much needed time. You have helped us save countless lives.

If you are good at writing and organizing, would you like to help us apply for grants? Personal donations are WONDERFUL, and we love every one of them, but grants are just as important. At the moment grant writing is done in the time allotted by SOLAS volunteers, but we would like someone dedicated to this. We will provide you with the necessary information, and it will be up to you to research the grants to apply for and write the grant application.

Most are fairly easy. Some even remember information from previous applications, so it’s just a matter of knowing and knowing when to reapply and “Click-click!” Let us know at [email protected] if you’re interested and we can talk.

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This week we have a very special cat and another very unique animal to tell you about.

The first is the beautiful and the elegant Smokey the cat. She is about 13 and the happiest little girl. She is calm and composed and just loves to exist and receive love from her humans. Smokey is a quiet person and has been at PetSmart for a while, but the noise and chaos was too much for her.

She is back in foster care and doing well. Her host family describes her as serene. She can’t stand the nerve of other cats but also avoids starting it. She would like to be your best friend.

Next comes our unique animal. Most people know SOLAS for cats these days, but we’re not playing favorites! If another animal comes to us in need and we can help it, we will. So, I present to you — Buddy the bunny. Buddy was removed from a home due to neglect. He had an eye area injury that caused the skin to die and the eye developed an ulcer. I’ll spare you the NASTY pic before but it’s Buddy today. He looks so much better. He will be on medication for a few more weeks, but after that he will be looking for his special rabbit home. He is currently being spoiled by his adoptive mother who reads him bedtime stories. We estimate that Buddy is less than a year old.

As always, all SOLAS animals are fully vetted and microchipped before adoption. If you want to help, SOLAS always needs volunteers, or you can donate supplies through our Amazon wishlist at or donate through PayPal at Contact [email protected] for more information on volunteering, adoption or anything at or call us at 402-577-0213.

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