“There are also younger people who suffer from it:” Nanaimo myeloma walker pleads for early detection | NanaimoNewsNOW

Following intense treatments where her stem cells were harvested, followed by what she called an “atomic chemo bomb”, the stem cells are then replaced, but this leaves the person in a very weak and immunocompromised state.

This is considered the standard treatment for myeloma, with new drugs and treatments costing upwards of a million dollars or more.

A lifelong community volunteer, McLean said she wants the myeloma community to know she has a lot of support, as she attends Myeloma Canada events across the country whenever she can.

“The myeloma community is a pretty vibrant community, it’s like I have this brand new group of friends…it seemed like a really interesting group of people who were very knowledgeable about their disease and yet were very positive at the same time.”

She said that along with a healthy lifestyle, early detection is an important factor in treating myeloma.

It’s something she’s been advocating for medical professionals to be more aware of.

“It’s actually a very simple blood test that could be added to your routine blood tests. I also know a lot of people in their 40s who have myeloma, but it’s usually a disease you get in your 60s on average, but there are also younger people who get it.

She said if you suffer from back pain or are constantly exhausted but can’t find a reason, you should get a blood test for myeloma.

“It’s really important to keep pushing. Like, I knew something was wrong, so I kept pushing and I kept going back to the doctor, and not everyone would do that… but I just knew something was wrong not. I received excellent medical care throughout the process, but I think you have to be proactive and defend yourself. »

McLean founded the myeloma support group in Nanaimo and said there are now additional support groups located in Comox and Victoria.

For more information on how to participate or donate to the walk, or for information on support groups, you can head to the Myeloma Canada website.

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