This dog went from being tethered to a kennel in 113-degree weather to living the dream of a rescue pup

When this animal rescue spotted a pup tied to a kennel outside in 113 degrees, they knew they couldn’t just leave him there. Without access to food, water or air conditioning, the poor girl was in obvious distress. She was panting and shaking and was not being properly cared for.

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After finding his owner, it didn’t take long to convince him to let them have it and take his. He agreed to let them take her “as long as they take good care of her”.

@ellirescues Maggie would like a forever home❤️#puppy #skysanctuary #rescued #rescue #animalrescue #adoptme #dogs #cute ♬ abcdefu – GAYLE

Back at the animal shelter, they cleaned her up and gave her a refreshing, well-deserved bath. After being neglected, she appreciated all the cuddles and attention she received!

“I can’t believe she lived outside in 113 degrees,” her rescuers said.

@ellirescues This is rescue❤️ #puppy #skysanctuary #rescueme #rescued #dogs #animalrescue #cute #puppies #dog ♬ Hold On – Extreme Music

Thanks to the amazing work of Sky Sanctuary Rescue, this pup will never be left outside in the heat again. The rescue is currently looking for their forever loving home!

Sky Sanctuary Rescue is a non-profit organization specializing in the humane capture and rescue of stray, fearful and injured animals from the streets of Phoenix, Arizona. You can donate here to help them in their mission!

While we cannot change the horrific treatment many animals have already endured in the past, we can give animals a voice and hold perpetrators accountable for crimes now and in the future. Many animal abusers are not held accountable by law, which fuels this horrible cycle of abuse.

You can sign this petition calling on all states to make all animal abuse a crime!

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