Two dogs implicated in recent cases of cruelty, welcomed Friday at the RescueMe WV event | Journal-news

KEARNEYSVILLE — Two dogs — Braxton and Orlando — were the first of five to be taken in Friday as part of the RescueMe WV event held at Jefferson County Animal Control.

RescueMe WV hosted the adoption event for 12 of the dogs that were recently seized by Jefferson County Animal Control in a pair of cruelty cases.

The dogs included four females – Suki, Winifred, Ara and Harper. Males include Jefferson, Braxton, Weston, Harrison, Pendleton, Orlando, Charleston and Berkeley.

“Some of them are very nervous. They all need to be trained. They are not domestics. They lived in a stockade, and that’s where they used to go to the toilet. They will need some work. They won’t be your perfect dog the day you get them. That’s something we really want to point out. They’re rescues from a hoarding affair. They need work, some more than others,” RescueMe WV President Dawn Brown previously said.

She said patience and love will go a long way with these rescues.

With a mission to “Work together, save lives, one dog at a time,” Brown was thrilled to see Orlando and Braxton return home with adoptive parent Dawn Huffman, along with the others who have gone to foster homes. All day long.

Brown also paid tribute to Blue Ridge Veterinary.

“I called them one day and they received them all the next day. They are all neutered and neutered and have all their vaccines. It’s very impressive, because we don’t want them going into houses without all of them. They are wonderful vets and I highly recommend them,” Brown said.

RescueMe WV volunteer Christine Lowe said the community always comes forward for the organization.

“We are growing so fast that we cannot keep up. We had a volunteer social night on Wednesday night, and we had a really good turnout for that,” Brown said. “The outpouring of support for these little guys was incredible. They lived in horrific conditions. I’m so grateful.”

She said if someone isn’t interested in fostering or adopting but still wants to help, there are ways to do so. Transportation, events, food and gift drives, website management, fundraising, shelter visits and more are some of the tasks that require the help of volunteers for the organization. There is also an Amazon Wish List which can be found at for donations needed for the organization. Donations can also be made through the organization’s website.

“Thank you, in advance, for your help and support and for being the backbone of our rescue. Without you, we simply couldn’t do it,” the group’s Facebook page said.

Other ways to help include sharing posts on the organization’s social media. Additionally, there are adoptable options to prepare the dog for adoption from RescueMe WV or for adoption. Homestays pay nothing while in Homestay. RescueMe WV covers all checks and supplies.

“Look at your local shelter. These dogs are so affectionate. Look at your local facilities, look at your local rescues, or check our webpage before you go buy a dog,” Lowe said.

Brown pointed out, “If you see something, say something,” regarding animal cruelty.

The remaining dogs, along with others, are available for adoption at Jefferson County Animal Control and RescueMe WV.

To stay up to date on the work RescueMeWV is doing, visit its Facebook page, @RescueMeWV, or the website at

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