Two dogs rescued from the war in Ukraine and equipped with wheelchairs are finally ready forever

Two brave dogs named Johnny and Phoenix were rescued from war in Ukraine and are now ready for adoption after being given wheelchairs.

Source: Walking Pets/YouTube

Breaking the Chains Animal Rescue (BTC) found the dogs during the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. The dogs were injured and Walkin’ Pets, a pet mobility company, reported finding Johnny, who had been shot by the Russian military and left stuck with his hind legs paralyzed. By the time rescuers got to Johnny, the brave pup had pulled himself a full two miles with just the strength of his front paws. Phoenix, on the other hand, was hit by an airstrike. The poor dog lost his hind legs and injured one of his front legs.

Thanks to the rescuers, the two dogs survived and they were cared for by BTC, who worked with an animal shelter in Ukraine to look after the dogs. When the dogs arrived, BTC knew they needed to contact Walkin’ Pets to start packing wheelchairs for the couple. Walkin’ Pets donated a wheelchair to each dog to help them learn to walk again.

Being the smart puppies that they are, Johnny and Phoenix picked up the skill quickly and are both walking again, thanks to organizations. Now they are ready to be adopted. Their future families need to know that they will need extra help because of their injuries.

To learn more about Johnny and Phoenix’s adoption and to donate to BTC to help rescue them, check out their Facebook page.

So much innocent lives were lostcountless volunteers help save animals across the countryand many people are staying put to help feed hundreds of refugees every day. The impact of The Russian invasion was devastating to the environment and the global food supply and even caused mass deaths of animals like these dolphins in the Black Sea. Activists around the world stand up for the Ukrainian people and demanding an end to this war. Sign this petition stand with Ukraine and verify 10 ways to help people and animals in Ukraine!

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