Vegan activist Tash Peterson arrested and charged after Perth Royal Show protest

Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson has been arrested and charged just days after making her big comeback in Western Australia.

Ms Peterson and fellow animal rights activist Aly disrupted the Perth Royal Show on Monday after locking themselves in a cattle judging ring.

She said the protest was about defending the rights of animals who are “people like us”.

‘Today I and fellow animal rights activist Aly disrupted Perth’s heinous Royal Agricultural Show, which glorifies animal slavery, abuse and killing,’ Ms Peterson said.

“We locked onto the Judgment Ring where slaves are judged based on how nice their bodies look.

“These industries and the Royal Show have painted a picture that animal agriculture is glamorous, ethical and humane.”

Ms Peterson said it took around six minutes for the police to show up and arrest her.

She alleged that the officers threatened to arrest her after she continued her protest as they tried to escort her away.

Both women were charged with trespassing and disorderly behavior in public or in the sight or hearing of any person in a public place.

Ms Peterson is due to appear in Perth Magistrates’ Court on October 20.

She was already appearing in court twice this week – Perth Supreme Court on Tuesday and Perth Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday – in relation to separate incidents earlier this year.

The protests continued Ms Peterson’s long history with the Perth Royal Show after she also disrupted a breeding event at this time last year.

She also hit out at West Australian Prime Minister Mark McGowan when he promoted the annual event.

“Why would you celebrate the abuse and killing of animals,” Ms Peterson wrote under her Facebook post.

“You put in place ‘safety measures’ to supposedly protect animals that are literally bred to get stabbed in the throat so humans can eat their flesh.

“The irony of it all is staggering. There is nothing brilliant about animal agriculture.

Ms Peterson announced earlier this year that she was ‘taking the f**k out of WA’ on a one-way trip to Melbourne.

She was banned from all approved sites in the state following what she called a “non-violent protest.”

“My freedom of speech has been taken away from me and we have a one-way ticket to Melbourne and I’m just going to protest there,” she said in June.

“Nothing can stop me from protesting…we will disrupt and break unjust laws.”

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