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Credit: Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival 2022
After two long years, Japan’s favorite music festival, Fuji Rock, is back in all its glory. After moving to an online and 2020 format and having a national-only event in 2021, this year will once again feature a host of international and national live artists and DJs as well as food, art , nature and good vibes. Along with international big names like Vampire Weekend, Jack White and Foals, you can see some of our favorite Japanese artists like Awich, DAN, WONK and OGRE YOU ASSHOLE. Special mention also goes to Korean J-pop and City-pop revivalist Night Tempo and American indie/shoegaze artist Snail Mail.

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Love Hotels Vol. 30 #WTFISNFT
In case you’ve ever wondered #WTFISNFT, Toyko’s top international club night, Tokyo Love Hotels, has you covered in July. The 30th edition of the monthly event will feature live music and DJs, live NFT painting exhibits and projections, and a wide range of interactive experiences including a USB lucky bath, tattoos ​​and a tarot card reading, to name a few. Combine all of this with 360 degree views of the city and Tokyo’s most inclusive party vibe and even if you don’t go deep in #WTFISNFT, you’re guaranteed to have a great night out.

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Yurina Okada: RAW
LOKO GALLERY in Shibuya will present Yurina Okada’s first solo exhibition “RAW” throughout July. Recently graduated from Kyoto University of Art & Design, Okada’s works have been selected for numerous awards including The Art of Color DIOR (selected, 2019, France) and ART AWARD MARUNOUCHI (Shigeo Goto Prize, 2018, Tokyo). Okada merges painting and photography to achieve a distinct style that blends contemporary art with the Japanese concepts of wabi-sabi and mono no conscious. In this exhibition, Okada will present his latest works which are inspired by new motifs and techniques.

Community groups and advocacy groups

Does it bother you that your groceries in Japan are always wrapped in too much plastic? That mental health and social issues often slip under the governmental and societal carpet? Do you find it hard to really express yourself? We’ve brought together a bunch of advocacy groups and communities eager to challenge the status quo – so get involved this summer with something you’re passionate about through these online events and communities.

What are your thoughts? 50% of Japanese people believed that fish did not have the ability to feel pain. This figure rose to 75% for shellfish such as lobster and shrimp. Because creatures cannot determine the course of their fate, Animal Rights Center believes it is important that humans assess the animals’ plight, the motivations for their captivity, and solutions to alleviate suffering – especially for those living in human captivity. suffer. Keep an eye on the group events calendar to get involved in study sessions, volunteer meetings and demonstrations.

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Fusing art and education, Meg Hoffmann uses her bilingual platform to raise awareness about mental health, feminism, and other important social issues that deserve more discussion in Japan. “The things I stand for are not political at all, but basic human rights. No matter where you live, everyone is entitled to things like gender equality and racial equality,” Hoffmann says. Blossom the Project is a force to be reckoned with and a vital source of information for the Japanese and English-speaking communities. Join the conversation via Instagram.

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Love Piece Club is Japan’s first and only feminist-run love item store for women’s fem tech products. The store’s launch in 1996 was a milestone for founder Minori Kitahara, but an even bigger milestone for women in Japan. He became another catalyst, pushing a sexual revolution even further, and his community regularly hosts events like webinars, workshops, and movie nights. Femtech, body positivity, femininity, sex education – nothing is “too taboo” for the group to discuss and address.

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